To celebrate the first birthday of M&M Pretzel, Mars Inc. has constructed what is supposedly the world's largest piñata. It's in the shape of an orange M&M and it will be unveiled Thursday 4th August 2011 at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue, mostly because it was the only space in Manhattan that could house it, said Jay Silva, the vice president of account management at Synergy Events, which designed and built the piñata.

Mars is planning to break the Guinness World Record with this structure. The current holder of that title is a donkey piñata built to publicize Carnival Cruise Lines in South Philadelphia in 2008. The piñata is measured on volume: This pretzel is 121,279 cubic feet. (47 feet high, 68.5 feet wide and 37.67 feet deep, with a base of a fake cake.)

To win the competition, it must also hold candy. More than 2,000 pounds of bags of M&M Pretzels are inside, which musician Cee Lo Green will release by pulling two ropes attached to chutes for a crowd.

"No one's going to hit it," said Lauren Nodzak, public-relations manager for Mars Chocolate North America. (Though that sounds like fun, doesn't it? Mr. Green could get out some of the angst from that song, "Forget You.")

Mr. Silva said one thing that helped in achieving this record was "there's no clear definition of a piñata. It has to be breakable. There has to be candy inside, and it has to be papier-mâchéd."

"I'm not even as tall as his sneaker," said Ms. Nodzak, noting that Orange (the character's name) has a particularly "paranoid" personality, which has been re-created in his pinata's nervous smile. "He has the constant fear of being eaten, and now he has the constant fear of 'They're going to release candy from me.'"

—Marshall Heyman (the wall street journal)