Written by Elaine from www.babybitznpartypieces.com

Party Bags/ Favour Boxes - Where to Start?

It seems kids have come to expect a "party bag" at the end of a birthday party. So, what are your options and how can you keep the smallies happy without going to huge expense?


Some Ideas…… 

You can actually do it very cheaply! You could pick up some colouring/ sticker/ activity books and crayons/colouring pencils (local market or discount shop) and tie with some nice ribbon or wrap in some brightly coloured tissue paper and make your own little gift tags with the birthday child to give to his/her guests. 

Or you could make icing little fairy cakes or homemade cookies part of the entertainment at the party and pick up some nice paper bags and let each child take home their treat. Again, you could make some gift tags with the birthday child to say "thanks for coming!"

 Another option is to pick up some plain white t-shirts in Penney's and some fabric markers and let everybody design their own take home gift! 

And if you decide to go the route of the traditional party bag there are still lots of options to choose from - plastic themed party bags, cute paper party bags, favour boxes, even cotton bags with fabric pens which the kids can decorate themselves! 

You can buy the empty bags and boxes and all the fillers and make up your own bags or you can take the handy option and buy them pre filled, saving you time, hassle and most importantly money.


What Baby Bitz and Party Pieces can offer you… 

You will find a wide selection of traditional party & activity bags and boxes on our website www.babybitznpartypieces.com- our aim is to combine choice & quality to bring you the best value for money. We offer a Recession Bundle of party bags which includes 10 filled party bags delivered to your door for just 20 Euro and at the higher end we have cute themed favour boxes and plain cotton bags with fabric pens and we have lots in between as well :) And all our party bags and boxes and party bag fillers are available to purchase separately.