Oh the excitement!! Its that time of year again when we look back and see what has made us pinata happy this past year. Will they be the same as last year? Will there be a new No.1? Will we have decided that 'that pinata' is just not cool any more? 

Here we go..... brace yourselves!! 

No.10. Spongebob pinata.


No. 9. Dinosaur pinata 

No. 8. Peppa Pig Pinata 

No. 7. Bad Piggie Pinata 

No. 6. Strawberry Pinata 

No. 5. Pumpkin Pinata 

No. 4. Christmas Tree Pinata 

No. 3. Hello Kitty Pinata 

No. 2. Cupcake Pinata 

No. 1. Red Angry Bird Pinata, charming isn't he !! 

Did you guess right? Is your favourite there? See you in 2013....