6 to 4 weeks before the party:

Before you do anything you must decide on a budget. Once that’s agreed on you can then decide on either a venue or a party at home.

Choose a theme for the day with your child. Whether it’s a Dinosaur or Tea party, Cowboys or Princesses they will feel extra special if it’s a theme they have chosen.

If you are using a venue then now is the time to book it to avoid any disappointment. If you are having the party at home book any entertainment that you may like such as a bouncy castle, face painter or entertainer. These usually book up quickly so this should be done as soon as possible.

Pick a party time or date, making sure that it doesn’t clash with any other family events. Usually children’s parties last between two to three hours long.

Draw up a guest list.


3 weeks:

Order your piñata from Piñatas. Why not have the birthday boy/girl have a look on the website and decide which piñata they’d like.  

Make or buy the party invitations and send them out. Encourage your child to help you with this job. It’s best not to send the invites any earlier that this, as you don’t want the day to slip through the calendar of family days out and other activities.

Make or buy your decorations for the party. Bunting and balloons really add to the overall atmosphere of the party and will get the kiddies all excited when they arrive.

Make or buy your party bags and organise what will go into them.

Also now is the time to stock up on any prizes that will be given out for party games.


2 weeks:

Decide on what activities and games to play, factoring in the ages of the children taking part.

Plan or decide what food you are going to serve. Now is not the time to try new foods, stick with familiar favourites that everyone will enjoy.

Organise a few pairs of helping hands from any willing relatives or friends.

Order your cake if you are not making it yourself.


1 week:

Receive your handcrafted piñata from Piñatas Piñatas.

Buy in the food.

Call all entertainers and suppliers to confirm orders are on the way.


1 or 2 days before:

Write out a schedule of the party if you feel it is needed.

Check and recharge all batteries, especially the camcorder and camera.

Buy candles for the cake.

Download some children’s songs to play at the party.


Day of the party:

 Set up a fully stocked nappy changing area for any babies attending. 

Collect your cake.

Put balloons or a party wreath on the door/gate so the guests know which house it is.

Get your child to fill the piñata with goodies, children love this job.

Make sure there is tea and coffee ready for adults.

Give the birthday boy or girl a kiss then relax and enjoy the fun.