Its always good to look back on the previous year and see which pinatas people loved the most. 

No.10: Its everybody's favourite but lets hope our children don't start talking like her...Peppa Pig Pinata.

No.9: Olaf Pinata, only available from September to April, from May to August I'll send you a puddle 

No.8: Frankenstein's Monster Pinata... Or my monster, after making so many pinatas of him I certainly have some 'dibs'. 

No.7: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinata. They can even come with night vision goggles! The most high tech pinata you'll ever meet. 

No.6: Ice-cream Pinata. This is the ultimate summer time pinata and without the calories. 

No.5: Snowman Pinata and his many many scarves.

No.4: Creeper Pinata.... Did you hear about the Creeper that went to the party? He had a blast.... Da boom! 

No.3: First Communion Heart Pinata, all pink and pretty and cute. 

No. 2: Legoman Pinata and as you can see he's shocked and appalled that he didn't make the top spot!! 

No. 1: First Communion Star Pinata. I do adore making these pinatas and adding a touch of fun and mischief to the big special day.