Custom made

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about Piñatas Piñatas is that every piñata is unique and handmade. But would it not be more special if there was a piñata especially made with you in mind. So say you’ve decided that you just have to have a China cup piñata to go with your 50’s theme party, OR a certain wonderful Prada shoe piñata for your 21st party, Or a Garda piñata for your retiring Garda husband’s party, OR a replica wedding cake piñata for your wedding, OR your daughters looking for a pink Dinosaur that you just can’t get your hands on anywhere, OR you son’s mad about a Japanese computer game and can’t get any of the characters. These are just some of the piñatas that I’ve been asked to make in the past.


Here at Piñatas Piñatas there isn’t a piñata too big, too small, too unusual, too weird or too zany that I can’t make, so if you have an idea as to a piñata you’d like me to make especially then get in touch. I love a challenge.